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Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers is the Founder and Chairman of BRC Imagination Arts. He is a master storyteller, film maker, an inventor and writer. For more than thirty years he’s been an innovative and insightful creator of content based visitor experiences for museums, cultural centers, brand-lands and theme parks.

Bob spent six years working on the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. In the years since opening it has accumulated more total attendance than any other Presidential Library, combining 100% scholarship with 100% showmanship,

Bob’s work is a unique combination of meaningful content, technical dazzle and light-hearted fun. He’s proud of the client list he’s developed at BRC -- NASA, Ford, Disney, Universal Studios, Volkswagen, General Motors and the Museum of Liverpool; plus the states of Illinois, Virginia, Texas and Louisiana

Bob’s current projects include a breakthrough attractions in China, Dubai, South Korea, Europe and North America.

Bob Rogers and the ghost of Abraham Lincoln  
"Bob Rogers is the theme park industry's resident futurist." - Newsweek Magazine Volkswagen Transparent Factory